Wednesday, October 2, 2013

California Transition to Fall

Hey loves! Man, it's been awhile since I've updated this baby! Been so busy with my daughter starting preschool! I'm happy to report I am still living a healthier lifestyle and working out. I am 12 lbs down and feeling great. Good timing because we always have that heat wave in Fall. So, no need to pack up my shorts yet!

Here is a pretty casual transition to Fall. Mixing summer styles with booties and jackets and blazers is a great option. Gives you a little more time to hold on to your Summer shorts and tanks! Layer, layer, layer! 

Lazer cut detailing has been in the spotlight as of late. I personally love it. Adds a little flair to your regular peep toe bootie, or leather skirt. I love mixing a mini skirt or shorts with booties. Such an effortless chic and gives you more of a Fall feel. 

Sunglasses: Chloe, on sale HERE on my eBay 
Blazer: Cotton On
Tank: Cotton On
Distressed Denim Shorts: TOBI
Lazer Cut Suede Bootie: Zara

Monday, July 22, 2013

Down 5 lbs!

My week has gone by pretty fast and I'm happy to report, really well. It's honestly true, once you change your eating habits for awhile you stop craving "bad" foods. I haven't had any cravings for candy or fast food whatsoever. As far as how I'm feeling physically, I feel amazing. 100x better than before. I never realized how tired, bloated, and sluggish my meal choices used to make me feel. Now that I've been eating fresh I have so much more energy! 

For those of you who have asked what I've been doing, it's pretty simple. I cut out all: Fast Food, Processed Food, Soda, & the majority of sweets. I've only been drinking water with the exception of Green Tea, Herbalife Aloe, & Herbalife Tea. (Oh yeah, and Starbucks. I've already had my balls busted about my Starbucks. I'm sorry avid health freaks, I do care about health and fitness, but, I'm not giving up my coffee!) However, there are a tons of healthier alternatives. Such as, low fat syrup, almond milk, nonfat milk, etc. 

I love going out to eat but that's another thing that I've eliminated for the time being. Once I'm down to my goal weight I will go out once and awhile but, for now I think the best way to lose weight is to cook my own meals. When you go out to dinner, a lot of times you'll think you're making a healthy choice but, there's really no way to know exactly what's in your food unless you're making it. For example: salt, butter, sugar, etc. I limit my amount of carbs but I don't cut them out completely. 

I don't do everything "by the book" by all means. I'm just taking it step by step and learning as I go. I've been trying a lot of different recipes which has been fun and kept it interesting. I think the reason dieting is so hard for most people is because they think they can only eat salad. Definitely not the case. Here are a few examples of what I've been eating over the last week:

Veggie Omlete: 1/3 Cup Egg Beaters, Mushrooms, Chopped Zucchini, Lowfat Cheese, Fresh Spinach, & Avocado. 

Whole Wheat Blueberry Protein Pancakes, Fruit, & Agave. 

Fresh Spinach & Zucchini Egg White Omlete. 

Strawberries, Kiwi, & Cottage Cheese. 

I do have a crazy sweet tooth. I can usually satisfy it with fruit. One trick I've learned is to bake a banana and then sprinkle it with cinnamon; Super Good! But sometimes, you're just in the mood for chocolate. If you have to eat chocolate: MAKE IT DARK! Here are a few desserts I've made that satisfied my sweet tooth and made me FEEL like I was being naughty. Haha!

Protein Brownies. 

In addition to the change in my eating habits I've continued to keep active. My daily workout routine is 45 mins- 1 hr 1/2 Cardio. Including leg and core exercises. I have weights and a bench in my garage. I work on arms and legs, thighs, butt. What's usually most important to us ladies. ;) Lunges, Box Jumps, & Squats. But more on that later! First week: 5 lbs down!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lifestyle Change/ Fridge Overhaul

I'm going through a kind of transition period right now, in my life. I'm getting older and I'm extremely sick of eating bad. I love food. My grandma used to ask "Do you eat to live or do you live to eat?" Hahaha. Back then I would just roll my eyes but, it's a question I've been pondering a lot now. When I was younger I always loved food and probably didn't have the best diet but, I was always naturally thin. As a teenager I would pig out on any and everything. I thought I would never weigh over 120 lbs. (I'm 5'5" for reference). Reality set in when I got pregnant. I gained 40 lbs. My metabolism definitely changed a lot after having my daughter.

Being a mom is amazing. And of course, I love my daughter more than anything. On the other hand, it is extremely hard to get a balance going where you're also taking care of yourself, not just your kids. I've always admired girls who live a super healthy lifestyle. I've just never had the willpower to follow through. I'll eat a couple good meals and then I'll see chocolate and say "Ehhh.. I ate good today, it's not that bad if I have some." Then I'll tell myself "it's not that bad if I just have one scoop of ice cream." Then a friend will want to go to dinner and I'll eat pasta and cheesecake. Hahahaha. I'm not saying you should never indulge but, I can never say no to myself. It's not until recently that I finally decided enough is enough.

I've been pretty consistent with going to the gym but, I finally realized, why work twice as hard if I don't have to? By just changing my eating habits and making my own meals I'm working with myself instead of against myself. It's gotten to the point that, I'm just really unhappy with my body. I want to feel confident in a bikini and in any clothes really. I think the main reason I haven't been blogging about fashion as much is because of the fact I've been so unhappy with how I look in clothes. I just wanna slim down and bulk up a little in the muscle department. Do you know, not kidding here, I think I may no longer have any muscles in my left arm? LOL!!! It's so weak, it's sad. I also really need to learn to cook better. My tastiest recipes are banana bread, chicken & sour cream enchiladas, and buffalo chicken cheese dip. Hahahaha. All amazing, may I point out. Just not amazing for you.

I've finally made the decision I'm going to do this for me. And my health. And I decided to write about it and share my recipes along the way cause I've had a lot of questions on my Instagram. I could also use some moral support. My mom thinks I'm insane and look great how I am. As sweet as that is, I'm the one who sees myself naked. Hahahahaha

On that note, here's my shopping list for everything I bought earlier at Sprouts. For those of you looking to make a change to a healthier lifestyle and eating habits, I'll be posting my meals for this week and recipes!

2 Mangos
Green Apples
6 lemons 
6 cups Kale
12 Celery Stalks 
2 Liters Coconut Water
Sun dried Tomatoes
Crumbled Goat Cheese
Crumbled Feta
Liquid Egg Whites
Almond Milk
Cottage Cheese
Greek Yogurt
Cayenne Pepper Spice
Ground Flaxseed
Dryed Coconut
Almond flour
Cacao Powder
Unsweetened cocoa powder 
Whole wheat pancake mix
Whey protein
Chocolate Whey Protein
Coconut Oil
Dark chocolate chips
Green Tea Bags
Lavender drops
Epsom Salt
Chicken Breast

Omega 3

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chic Wild & Free in Floral Heels

It has been super sunny here in San Diego and nothing says Spring and Summer like a pair of floral heels! These are a unique piece to add to your wardrobe this Season. Whether it's a bold floral pump or feminine floral sandal!  

There are so many ways to wear a pair of floral heels. Whether you decide to pair them with a dress, or skirt and blazer. I decided to go with these scalloped chiffon shorts, graphic tee, and jacket. 

The relaxed fit of a graphic tee balances out the short hemline of a skirt or in this case, these chiffon shorts. (Plus, I love the color of this shirt, duh, mint!) The floral heels add a feminine touch to my whole look. 

Being that I'm here in San Diego and the warmer months are soon approaching it only makes sense that I love to explore every avenue of shorts. I love the idea of dressier shorts. Because honestly, here in San Diego, it's necessary. Sometimes it's too hot to wear pants but you're not in the mood to wear a dress. These chiffon shorts are a great compromise. I love the scalloped edges on the shorts, definitely makes them look more feminine and dressy. 

I'm in love with this structured jacket from the fit to the color. This is one of my favorite purchases from Zara recently. It's so versatile and definitely a closet staple. It can be thrown on with pair of jeans and tank or worn with a skirt and crop top. 

I love the ultra feminine silhouette of the heels. A beautiful but more subtle way to incorporate a floral shoe into your wardrobe. A little less bold than a floral pump but, makes a statement nonetheless. 

Floral Sandals: Steve Madden, Jacket: Zara, Graphic Tee: Express, Scalloped Chiffon Shorts: Nordstrom, Bracelets: Links of London

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Polka Dots At The Vineyard

This was such a fun day! Finally getting a chance to blog about it. I took a little day trip up North last month with my mom and sister to the Vineyards. It was the perfect warm day with a slight breeze. I decided to go with a pair of polka dot skinnies, neutral top and wedges, and a pop of yellow with this beautiful structured handbag. 

I had been wanting a pair of polka dot skinnies for awhile now. We've been seeing these babies everywhere. Celebrities have been rockin' polka dot denim like crazy! From Gwen Stefani, to Jessica Alba. So, naturally when I came across these on NastyGal, it was a match made in heaven. 

I threw on some turquoise/mint accessories. As you can see I'm having a love affair with mint at the moment. Mirrored Sunnies are very in right now and I chose to go with a classic aviator! I will be selling these on my Poshmark soon!

This season is all about structured bags. A structured handbag can really pull together your entire look. I love a bright yellow accessory and the gold accents on this handbag are beautiful as well.  

I'm usually all about heels but with all the walking I ended up doing I'm glad I decided to go with a more practical wedge. This is a great neutral wedge with a little snakeskin flair by BCBG.

Outfit details: Mirrored Aviators: Steve Madden, Turquoise Necklace: Nordstrom, White & Rosegold Watch: Marc Jacobs, Yellow Structured Handbag: Olivia & Joy, Tan Crinkle Crop Jacket: Forever 21, Bracelets: Links of London, Polka Dot Skinnies: NastyGal, Wedges: BCBGeneration, High Low Chiffon Blouse: Nordstrom

Friday, May 17, 2013

Stolen From The Boys: Boyfriend Jeans

Hey loves! About time I get back on the grind! I've had such a busy few months from moving, to my Poshmark party! I'm so relieved to finally get a chance to sit down and update my poor blog I've been neglecting. If you've followed me recently, I apologize if I haven't followed you back yet! Please leave me a comment so I can follow your blog! I have a couple posts I meant to post last month. This is one of them. I've been living in this sweater! 

Although I'm all about fashion, I'm also all about comfort. One of the many reasons I'm obsessed with boyfriend jeans. So comfy but chic paired with some knockout heels! This is one of my many pairs of boyfriend jeans. The light wash and distressed look makes it the perfect jean to wear casually, and you can always add a little flare with a bright or pattern top! 

I was on the hunt for a neon pink sweater for awhile there. I fell in love with the neon pink J. Crew sweater but I was hoping to spend a little less than $200- $300. So, after searching around for a little I came across this similar sweater at Forever 21. This is the perfect sweater to transition into Spring. It's lightweight and the color is obviously amazing. 

I threw on these fun heels to make this super girly chic combo. You could definitely make this sweater the star of the show by wearing a solid neutral sandal or heel. I am loving mint right now so I went with a mint wallet/clutch and mint bangles. Again, you could play up the sweater by doing a neutral handbag and gold bracelets instead. 

Sweater, Bangles, & Sandals: Forever 21, Light Wash & Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Buffalo Jeans at Macy's , Wallet: Nordstrom

Friday, May 3, 2013

San Diego Sunshine Style Posh Party!

Us girls have a reputation for being shop-a-holic's and maybe there is some truth to that. I'm not siding with the guys here but, if you think about it, we have a reason for shopping regardless of the situation. Special occasion, we have to go shopping. Event, we have to go shopping. Stain our favorite jeans, we have to go shopping. Vacation, we have to go shopping. Bad day? You better believe we're going shopping! So, it's pretty clear, we like to shop. And most of us, like to get a good deal. Now, what happens once our closet is overflowing with stuff that's too nice to get rid of but, let's be honest, we'll probably never wear again? I came to this crossroads about five months ago where, I'm not kidding, you could not fit one more hanger in my closet. Or box of shoes, for that matter. It was getting to be hazardous territory and of course, I was still shopping!

I was told about an APP Poshmark from one of my favorite blogger's and lovely friend Naty Michele of A Love Affair With Fashion. She told me how easy it was to use and how she started selling her stuff right away! So, I downloaded it and found it was extremely easy to use. Just snap a photo of the item you would like to sell, write a quick description, price it, and you're good to go. I was obsessed instantly. It has been an amazing tool for me. I have made so much space in my closet and I'm probably one of the biggest Poshmark promoters and enthusiasts out there. I got just about every one of my friends to use it also. You can shop on the app or online. I use the app on my iPad, as well. 

I hosted my first Posh Party a few months back and had a blast. It is amazing the great finds I have come across. You can find designer items brand new, or in virtually perfect condition, for great prices. If you haven't joined Poshmark yet, YOU BETTER! Come shop my closet and use my invitation code HGDLY to earn a $5 credit when you sign up! Here's a quick look at just a few of the many items I have listed for sale right now in my poshmark closet. Link is on the top of my blog or you can search me: Bossy Jocey!

I'm so excited to be hosting my second Posh Party right here in my city, San Diego! The "Sunshine Style" San Diego Posh Party! I would love to see you all there and meet you! Come posh it up with me my other co-hosts Paulina of lilbitsofchicVanessa Balli of OOTD, and Kelly of Messy Dirty Hair this Weds. May 8th at the W! If you're not here in San Diego, join me (virtually) to shop our TOP PICK'S from fellow fashionista's Poshmark closets! 

Don't forget to shop my closet! 

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